NCMA Women’s OB/GYN Center is proud to provide Sonoma County women with comprehensive gynecologic and obstetric care in a comfortable environment close to home. Routine visits in which your physician can exam, treat, and plan for future well being are essential to your long-term health. At a general check-up, your physician can answer any questions and identify issues you may have with your reproductive system before they become difficult to correct.

Health professionals recommend adolescent girls and women to start routine gynecologic visits around the age of 14 unless otherwise indicated by their general practitioners. Check with your insurance provider to see if annual visits are covered, and discuss your gynecologic health with your general practitioner to hear what he or she recommends.

General health screenings

A general health screening may include the following:

  • Blood pressure,
  • Height,
  • Weight,
  • BMI (body mass index),
  • Comprehensive physical exam (includes breast and pelvic region),
  • Pap smear (after the age of 21, per current guidelines),
  • STD screening,
  • nutritional and exercise regimens discussed in detail, tailored to your body.

If you experience difficulty with one or more of these issues, NCMA Women’s OB/GYN Center is here to help. Learn more about common gynecologic healthcare we provide:

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