Traditional abdominal surgery

In traditional abdominal surgery, surgeons make an incision in the abdomen called a “laparotomy” to access the internal area of operation. A laparotomy is typically performed with a Pfannenstiel incision, a horizontal incision at the bikini line, but there are a variety of other incisions that may be utilized depending on surgical skill, patient anatomy, and type of surgery.

At NCMA Women’s OB/GYN Center, we pride ourselves in providing extensive, minimally invasive gynecologic surgery options to our patients in Sonoma County. In many cases, however, open abdominal surgery is still the safest and most effective surgical option for the patient. Our extensive surgical experience and respect for our patients guides our approach to open abdominal procedures.

Our physicians always make a concerted effort to keep incisions as small as possible and to use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to reduce trauma. This speeds up recovery and reduces postoperative pain and adhesions.

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