Midwifery Services with Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs)

Suzanne Saunders, CNM, Elisabeth Niess MSN, CNM, Cecelia Rondou, CNM, Kirsten Eckert CNM, WHNP

Suzanne Saunders, CNM, Elisabeth Niess MSN, CNM, Cecelia Rondou, CNM, Kirsten Eckert CNM, WHNP

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) are specially trained in providing healthcare to pregnant women from conception through labor and delivery. Many women opt to have a CNM serve as their primary healthcare providers during pregnancy. Maximizing the birth experience and the health of newborns and their mothers is our practice’s primary goal for pregnant patients. Achieving this goal requires expert knowledge about the gestation period and birthing process, as well as heightened empathy between providers and their patients.

Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group’s experienced CNMs offer expertise and tender care guidance to women during their childbearing years. Our CNMs understand that delivery preferences are extremely important and personal to expecting mothers, and that they can also be difficult for some women to determine. To ensure that our patients have the best possible experience during their pregnancies, our CNMs are especially attentive to pregnant mothers’ personal philosophies on giving birth and general reproductive health.

Our CNMs work in close collaboration with OB/GYN doctors, and serve as the primary health resource for pregnant women whom prefer to involve a midwife in their pregnancies. What to expect from your Certified Nurse-Midwife at Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group during your pregnancy:

  • Routine Gynecological Check-ups with attentive care to your physical and emotional health needs
  • Hospital delivery of your baby and special guidance during labor if desired
  • Supportive consultations with you and your partner
  • Constant communication with our OB/GYN physicians
  • Family planning and expert advice on the contraceptive use
  • Obstetrical Care
  • Educational discussions about breastfeeding, infant care, and what to expect during the postpartum period

The Women’s OB/GYN Medical Group strives to better the lives of all women with a holistic approach to women’s health. Call for an appointment today: (707) 579-1102. Visit our website: www.womensobgynmed.com