“That’s life.”

We say it all the time, and just chalk things up. Hey, that’s how it goes, right?

Most of us have lived our lives believing that certain things just happen… that they are meant to be… that we’re powerless to stop or change them.

Getting old is one of those things. Now, I know that technically, we actually do get older in years. But conventional doctors have groomed you to accept that “diseases of aging” is a real thing. That a deteriorating mind and body is inevitable.

But what if the opposite were true? What if aging is a hoax, and diseases are causing it?

I’ve read and had conversations with many doctors of natural medicine who say there’s nothing natural about the aging process.

This is going to eventually turn medicine on it’s head.

But until then, people who believe aging is bogus are going to get labeled “quacks” and worse. At the same time, there are those among us who believe every word in the Bible, but don’t want to consider that Abraham’s wife, Sarah, could have really lived to be 127.

But I do, and here’s why…

The menopause myth

For women, we think of menopause as perhaps the most significant marker of aging. It’s that stage in life that signifies the end of our reproductive cycle… that “natural” biological process that ends fertility… and the beginning of old age.

It’s soon after and sometimes during menopause that the flood gates open to heart disease, osteoporosis, weight gain, loss of vitality and energy — all of the diseases and conditions we accept as yet another step in this journey of so-called natural aging.

But researchers have found the opposite to be true…

In fact, the results of not one but two studies, found that lack of sleep and the symptoms of menopause cause women to age faster — not the other way around.

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