Women should be very careful and observant of any change in their body. Any kind of abnormal hair growth on the face, chest or neck, sudden weight gain or weight loss, hair fall, irregular periods – all of these are warning signs, alerting a women that it’s time to see a gynecologist.

Being a woman is not easy. Not only is today’s woman fulfilling her traditional duties, but also taking up much more onto her plate. She is a mother, an entrepreneur, a dreamer, an achiever and also a support system for her family. In the constant flux of striking a balance between all her worlds, most often, it is her health which takes a hit.

Age plays a huge role for women’s health and well-being. As we grow older, the body undergoes many changes. But like the saying goes, there’s nothing like starting early, therefore, health experts always advice that twenties is a crucial time for women to start thinking of their health.

A woman is in her prime during her twenties, a phase where she has a chance to build her reservoir of good health and brace-up for the many challenging experiences later on in life, such as childbirth. It is the time when she needs to start making careful health choices, as how she fares in her later years depends hugely on her twenties or even earlier. In fact, recent research studies have reported that our adolescence plays an equally crucial role.

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