The Oakland Press Health: A Christmas Birthday Story – Midwives and New Moms

obgyn 2.22Anna Trela has a daughter who will soon be 12 and while she and her husband always wanted a second child, after 10 years of trying they lost hope. In February, Trela nearly lost her life after being hit by two cars while crossing a street in Hamtramck. Her leg was crushed and other injuries left her speech and mobility impaired. But during her darkest hour, in the midst of surgeries and therapy sessions, she discovered she was pregnant.

Her second child, a boy, Alexander, is due Wednesday.

“A Christmas baby, come on. It couldn’t be better. I feel like the angels sent him from heaven to keep me sane,” said Trela, of Warren, who stopped taking painkillers when she learned she was pregnant despite excruciating pain. Read the full story on the Oakland Press website …