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Dr. Susan LoganSusan C. Logan, MD, FACOG


Obstetrics, Gynecology

Dr. Susan C. Logan is a respected, caring OB/GYN, certified by the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Read more about Dr. Logan.


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 10 reviews
by Linda C. on Dr. Susan Logan
Consistently excellent

Dr. Logan has been my provider of choice for over 30 years. She has demonstrated consistently the valued combination of technical and professional expertise with human compassion, kindness, sincerity and a friendly manner that has never wavered. I rely on her to help me sort through the multitude of health information that bombards us every day to make quality decisions that have proven to be individualized and beneficial to me. I have had both surgery and routine preventative care from her.

by Sara Elizabeth on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review Aug. 25, 2017

Dr.Logan will always be my favorite. I trust her with my life and my children's!! Hands down the best!

by Kathleen Tezla on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review - 1/21/2016

She delivered all three of my children (C-Sections). I wouldn't go to anyone else.

by Shawn Wallace on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review - 1/22/2016

She's wonderful! She discovered my breast cancer when the mammogram did not and sent me for an ultrasound.

by Cat Jorgenson on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review3 1/21/2016

Dr. Logan is amazing! Delivered my son last February, and will hopefully deliver future babies as well. Couldn't have asked for a better doctor by my side through the whole process!

by Claire Morgan-Dengler on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review - 1/22/2016

She is an excellent doctor. I used to have her. She performed surgery on me in the past and did a very good job.

by Leslie Brooner Pringle on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review 1/22/2016

...She is a great doctor at both delivering kids and at women's health issues.

by Kerri Green on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review 1/21/2016

Dr. Logan is, hands down, the most top-notch Doctor I've ever had. Ive never trusted another doctor more fully. She delivered three of my four daughters.

by Sherilynn Shusda on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review - 6/28/2016

Love Dr. Logan went above and beyond for me.. Great lady.

by Heather Bella on Dr. Susan Logan
Facebook Review - 6/28/2016

She's the reason I have my baby girl. I'll always be grateful for Dr. Logan.