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Patient Reviews Dr. Lela Emad: patient reviews that are from our Facebook followers and from Heathly Insights contributors. Lela Emad, MD, FACOG

Obstetrician & Gynecologist

About Dr. Emad: Dr. Lela Emad is a compassionate, experienced OB/GYN certified by the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Dr. Emad specializes in general women’s health as well as the diagnosis and treatment (surgical and non-surgical) of a full-spectrum of gynecological disorders. Read more about Dr. Emad.

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 7 reviews
by Lorelei Smithson on Dr. Lela Emad
Dr Emad.

Dr. Emad delivered all three of my boys, hopefully she will deliver my 4th and final baby when that time comes. She's the Best!

by May Yamaoka on Dr. Lela Emad
Facebook Review - 12/10/2015

She saved my neighbor's life...when no one else could diagnose her....amazing women...we are fortunate to have her in Sonoma County !!

by Henrietta Alva Munoz on Dr. Lela Emad
Facebook Review 9/9/2016

Dr. Lela M Emad has been my doctor from the very beginning of her practice in Santa Rosa! She is tops! I have also seen Dr. Kachru these past two years and I have a high opinion of her as well!

by Erin B. on Dr. Lela Emad
Online Review - 6/26/2016

I love Lela Emad and all of her staff, especially mid-wives Suzy and Cecelia. Yes I have experienced some long wait times but they truly care about their patients and want the best for them. I would definitely have another baby with them.

by Kel M. on Dr. Lela Emad
Online Review 7/8/2015

I could not have not asked for a better doctor to care for me. I had a difficult pregnancy and Dr. Emad was there for me the whole time. She is very supportive and knowledgeable and put me at ease during some tough times.

by Nicholas T. on Dr. Lela Emad

Really happy we chose Dr. Emad to follow my wife's pregnancy. We had a lot of complications, and ending up having a high-risk pregnancy. Dr. Emad's up-beat, positive attitude kept us positive throughout the entire pregnancy. She is very efficient and has a huge practice. Always took the time to answer our questions, re-assuring us with her medical knowledge and caring bedside manner.

Online Review - 12/3/2014

It is so difficult to find a good OBGYN, I know I have gone to a lot of them in Los Angeles before I moved to Santa Rosa. I was so fortunate to find Dr. Emad. She is a very caring "real" person who knows her field extremely well. She is dead on with her diagnostic skills and her follow-up is impeccable.

A double winner in my book, a great doctor and a great person. The staff is also very professional and friendly and guides you efficiently through the medical mumbo jumbo. As a new patient you may have to wait a bit for an appointment but it is well worth it. Once your are in the system it goes quite smoothly. Five star doctor- five star practice.