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 Cecelia Rondou, CNMCecelia Rondou, CNM

Cecelia Rondou is a certified nurse midwife (CNM) providing exceptional midwifery care to Women’s OB/GYN patients since 1996.

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Cecelia Rondou, CNM
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 7 reviews
by Ariana Alvatez on Cecelia Rondou, CNM
Best Provider, hands down.

Cecelia has delivered almost all my kids over the past 12 years. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. She actually listens to what you say and she might not tell you what you want to hear, she is going to be honest with you. She genuinely cares about your wishes and will do everything possible to give you what you need if she can without sacrificing you or your baby's safety! As long as she is practicing, she will be the person I trust and will go to.

by Angela Coffman on Cecelia Rondou, CNM
Cecilia Rondou CNM

I have been a patient of Cecilia's for over 15 years. She delivered both my kids, and is the BEST! She is gentle in her exams yet thorough, listens, takes time and gets to the heart of any concern. She has a wealth of knowledge and gives well rounded care. I couldn't ask for a better provider!

by Amanda on Cecelia Rondou, CNM
Love this office!

I live this office and have been going here for the past almost 11 years. Cecelia has delivered all three of my kids and is THE BEST! Dr. emad and Kristen are also amazing. I jumped through hoops changing insurance etc., just to make sure I could be seen in this office. Peace of mind is worth it, knowing we're in good hands.

by Lasha on Cecelia Rondou, CNM
She is the best!

Cecelia delivered both of my babies. If I were to ever have any more I wouldn't trust anyone else but her! I love her straight to the point calm attitude. It made my deliveries so much better. I have a really hard time progressing and she was there to listen to me when I told her I was ready to go. The hospital wanted to send me home again. I was in labor until the next day when Cecelia came on her day off to deliver my youngest. We swear by her. She really is the best.

by Cheryl on Cecelia Rondou, CNM
Love her

She delivered my youngest and honestly this was the best most easiest birth. She listens to you and makes the interactions very personable. I felt totally comfortable and secure with Cecelia. If I was to have another baby I would most definetley use her as my midwife again.

by Megan Tantarelli on Cecelia Rondou, CNM

I had the pleasure of having Cecelia deliver both my boys. She was wonderful. She treats you like family. She truely cares about you and wants to help in any way. I love how she just jumps in and makes sure you are comfortable and that you have everything you need. Just seeing her walk thru the door is like a breath of fresh air ... You know everything's going to be ok. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a midwife, who's going to give you the best care ever. I would definatly use her again if we decide to have a third child. Until then I look forward to our yearly visit.

by Karissa on Cecelia Rondou, CNM
Yp Review: 11/28/2016

Cecelia Rondou Is Absolutely Amazing. I Would pick her over any doctor anytime. She always listens to my concerns and looks into them! Cecelia even showed up to the hospital when she wasn't working to check up on me. It's Heart breaking (...to read negative reviews elsewhere). I've been going to this office for almost 15 years and delivered all 4 of my children here and I dropped Kaiser just so I can go to the Woman's Ob/GYN Medical Group for my 5th child! Dr. Emad is very nice but very busy and does tend to be in a rush. Suzanne Saunders is also a amazing CNM, she's very warm and inviting! The worst thing I have ever experienced in this office was waiting a little longer then I would like sometimes but to me it's worth it and knowing the doctors/Midwifes are tending to the woman birthing in the hospital across the street gives me a peace of mind! They are busy doing what's most important! I love you guys keep up the good work!